• Common Holiday Accidents and How to Avoid Them

    on Dec 20th, 2017

Common Holiday Accidents and How to Avoid Them

While this time of year is festive and full of celebrations with family and friends; getting into the holiday spirit can lead to accidents and injuries. If you do have a holiday mishap, AccuHealth Urgent Care is open 365 days a year with Board Certified Physicians and our highly trained medical staff is here to serve you. To prevent you from needing an emergency visit to our facility, we offer the following tips for avoiding accidents and injuries.


According to the United States Fire Administration, holiday decorations and Christmas tree fires account for twice as many injuries and cause more damage than other fires. Smoke alarms and detectors save lives. Batteries should be checked on a monthly basis and changed a minimum of once a year.  Surge protectors are also a good way to ensure that your circuits can handle all of the holiday décor.

Keep the base of your tree filled with to a proper water level, and test all holiday lights before you put them on the tree. Another good habit is to make sure to unplug the tree before you go to sleep or leave the house. Dispose of ANY damaged decorations and discard all temporary decorations.

Kitchen Accidents

The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in the house, especially during the holidays when cooking and mingling occurs. You can avoid common danger in the kitchen by being alert. Never leave anything you are cooking unattended, or cook if you are tired or have indulged in alcoholic beverages. It’s very easy to get swept up in conversations while entertaining your guests; using kitchen timers is a great reminder when using the oven so burnt food doesn’t start a fire.  And make sure appliances and cookware are kept clean and oil-free, and floors stay dry to avoid slip and falls.


A proper knife handling technique is essential when preparing any meal. Accidents can be avoided by ensuring your hands and the handles of the knives are kept dry when slicing or chopping.  Always remember to hold the food steady, preferably with the cut surface flat against the cutting board. With the opposite hand, curl your fingers to resemble a claw and tuck your knuckles underneath to protect your fingers. Use your knuckles to guide your knife.


We live in the great state of Missouri where ice and snow are unavoidable this time of year. As snow veterans, sometimes we get too comfortable and run outside without the proper footwear. Boots and shoes with good sole grips ensure proper footing on the pavement and help to avoid a fall. Look around and choose pathways that are clear, where ice has properly melted with salt for safety. And never put a ladder in the snow or on any slippery surface when hanging outdoor holiday decorations.

DID YOU KNOW that extension cords account for nearly 4,000 injuries over the holiday season? The Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates 40% of those injuries involve fractures, sprains, cuts and bruises from tripping and falling over extension cords. To keep your home safe, make sure cords are wound and kept out of pathways used by your family and guests. Be extra vigilant with small children under 5 years old; they account for nearly 13% of these falls.


Cooking, candles, and spills all are culprits causing burns over the holidays.  Splattering oils, hot cookware, or oil splatters are common and can range from painful to serious. To avoid burns, keep cooking flames low, always use proper oven mitts, and display candles in higher locations. If you happen to get a burn, run cool water over the injury and do NOT use ice as it can delay healing. Remove any clothing near the affected area and cover with sterile gauze if the burn is not oozing.  For any burn that is oozing, one of our board-certified physicians or highly trained medical staff members at AccuHealth Urgent Care are here for proper care and treatment.

Back injuries

Ouch! Nobody wants to be lying flat over the holiday because of an avoidable back strain or injury. If you find yourself carrying or hauling heavy suitcases, make certain to lift using your legs and ask for help from a fellow traveler if you need to lift a heavy bag over your head. If you need to carry your bag, don’t overdo it. Alternate carrying the bag from one hand to the other, so one side isn’t doing all the heavy lifting.

Wishing A HAPPY & HEALTHY HOLIDAY to our greater St. Louis, MO community from all of us at AccuHealth Urgent Care.

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