• What to Do if You Suspect Your Child Has Asthma

    on May 1st, 2019

Coughs and colds are a natural part of growing up, but if the coughing is frequent, triggered by cold air or exercise, or accompanied by wheezing and shortness of breath, your child could have asthma.

Here at AccuHealth Urgent Care in St. Louis, Missouri, our board-certified doctors and highly trained staff provide a wide range of care from asthma and migraine treatments to suturing and splinting injuries. We offer a variety of tests and expert personalized service 365 days a year, with no appointment necessary.

What is asthma?

Asthma affects almost 9 million children in the United States. When not properly diagnosed and treated, it can result in emergency room trips, school absences, and unnecessary discomfort or pain.

Asthma happens when certain triggers cause the lungs and airways to become inflamed, which can lead to difficulty breathing, sleeping, and recovering from respiratory illnesses. Asthma in children can be particularly challenging, as they have smaller airways and so are more easily affected.

While there is no cure for asthma, treatments are available to help control symptoms and prevent damage to the lungs.

Caring For a Child with Asthma

Get evaluated

If you suspect your child may have asthma, make an appointment with your pediatrician for an evaluation. Possible signs may include:

Avoid triggers

Asthma can be brought on by a variety of things. Allergens like animals, pollen, and mold should be avoided as much as possible, as well as irritants such as cigarette smoke and air pollution. Consider staying inside when the weather is cold, and try to stay healthy by avoiding people with colds and flu and getting the flu shot each year. Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping heartburn under control (if applicable) can also help reduce asthma symptoms.

Get emergency treatment when necessary

Whether or not your child has been diagnosed with asthma, seek emergency treatment if the following symptoms occur:

Consult an expert

In some cases, a referral to an allergist can help identify possible asthma triggers and create an action plan with treatment goals. This can also help parents, teachers, and other caregivers know what symptoms to watch for, evaluate the effectiveness of the current treatment, and provide instructions on what to do during an asthma attack.

Follow the treatment plan

Some children may also be prescribed medication for quick relief such as an inhaler, a daily medication that reduces inflammation of the airways. Your child's medical team can help determine what treatment plan is best.

If you suspect your child may be suffering from asthma or having an asthma attack, please don’t hesitate to bring him or her to our office right away. You can also call our office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

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