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Stitches may be needed in a variety of circumstances. Sometimes the skin is broken and needs a few stitches to heal properly. In other cases, the doctor must remove something like a major splinter from the skin and a stitch or two is required to help the skin knit back together. The doctors at AccuHealth Urgent Care in St. Louis, Missouri are here to provide the stitches needed at any time -- no appointment necessary although you can call the office or book an appointment online in advance.

Stitches Q & A

What are the signs that stitches may be needed?

There are a number of indicators that a wound may require stitches. Wounds that may require stitches can include:

  • A wound that's deep
  • A wound that's jagged at the edges
  • A wound that gapes open to expose the layers of skin below
  • A wound on the face that's likely to scar if not closed properly
  • A wound that bleeds continuously even after applying direct pressure for an extended time
  • A wound that requires closure in order for the body part to function properly -- for example, a hand wound

Your AccuHealth Urgent Care physician will carefully evaluate your wound to determine if stitches would be beneficial for you.

What is the process of getting stitches like?

First, your AccuHealth Urgent Care doctor will make sure that the wound and the surrounding area are numbed and thoroughly cleaned. Thanks to a local anesthetic, you won't be in pain during the cleaning process. Next, the doctor will gently bring the edges of the wound together and place tiny stitches to keep the wound closed. Then they’ll clean your wound again, and apply any necessary dressing. It usually takes only a short time for the doctor to place the stitches and apply any bandages needed.

How do you care for stitches?

Your AccuHealth Urgent Care doctor will provide you with specific guidelines for care of your stitches during the healing process. You'll know how to clean and dress the wound, as well as what to avoid. You may need to keep the stitches completely dry while healing. If there are any obvious changes in the stitches, including a popped or unraveled stitch, call AccuHealth Urgent Care right away for help.

Most stitches stay in place for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You'll have a follow-up appointment to have the stitches removed once the wound is entirely healed. The stitches are removed in just a few minutes, and the process isn't painful at all. Once the stitches have been removed, your doctor will generally clear you to return to normal activity with no restrictions.